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A teacher is one who makes himself progressively unnecessary.
Thomas Carruthers

We provide tutoring in over 100 subjects
Adobe Flash (soon) AlgebraAlgebra 1Geometry Accounting
Adobe Illustrator, InDesign,
   Photoshop (soon)
Earth & Space ScienceAlgebra 2Grammar Basic, Visual Basic, .NET
General Computer Environmental Science (soon)AP Biology (soon)Microbiology (soon) Biology
HTML General MathAP Calculus ABOther Mathematics C, C++, C# (soon)
JAVA (soon) GeographyAP Calculus BCOther Science Calculus
Microsoft Access GeometryAP ChemistryOther Social Studies Chemistry
Microsoft Excel GrammarAP Physics (soon)Physical Science Cobol (soon)
Microsoft Outlook Life ScienceAP StatisticsPhysics College Algebra
Microsoft PowerPoint Physical ScienceAP US GovernmentPreCalculus Differential Equations
Microsoft Project PreAlgebraAP US HistoryReading English
Microsoft Publisher ReadingAP World HistoryReading Comprehension Finance
Microsoft Word Reading ComprehensionBiologySpelling Fortran
MySQL, SQL SpellingCalculusStatistics General Math
Networking (soon) Study SkillsChemistryStudy Skills Linear Algebra
Oracle (soon) US HistoryEarth ScienceTrigonometry Literature
PHP World HistoryEconomics (soon)US Government Marketing
Quickbooks (soon) WritingEnvironmental ScienceUS History Microbiology (soon)
SPSS, SASGeneral MathWorld History Organic Chemistry (soon)
Geography Other Mathematics
GrammarFrench (soon) ACT Math GRE Physics
MathematicsGerman (soon) ACT ReadingMCAT PreCalculus
PhonicsLatin (soon) ASVAB PMP Probability & Statistics
ReadingSpanish (soon) FE, PE SAT Math Writing
Science GED SAT Reading
Social Studies GMAT SAT Writing
Study Skills
Simply the Concepts

Much of the information provided to students is presented as an entire pie that the student is expected to eat whole. At Promise Learning, we break down concepts into bite-sized pieces that allows the student to digest simplified ideas in an effort to fully understand the entire concept.
Build Self Confidence

The challenge for most students is not that they can't or don't want to learn. Instead, many students do not trust themselves to get it right. At Promise Learning, we put students at ease with the concepts they are studying and give deliberate positive reinforcement every step of the way. This allows the students to see that they are capable and moves them to a level of confidence where they can ask the right questions to get to understanding.
Learning is the Goal

The education system was not set up so students could memorize information for a test and then have it erased from their minds. Once LEARNING takes place, the knowledge will remain with the student forever (even if it is in the back of his mind). At Promise Learning, we help students "see" the goal and guide them to it.
Practice Makes Perfect
Riding a bike is the quintessential learning process. It takes many mistakes, falls, and strategies to finally learn how to ride a bike. Once we learn, we can ride for the rest of our lives.At Promise Learning, we make the extra effort to give students additional resources, worksheets, and strategies so that they can master the concepts at hand.
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