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Success Stories

CA - 12th Grade - Writing - When I met CA, he was already an accomplished student. He was making all A's in his classes, had gotten a 2250 on the SAT, and had mastered over 130 levels of his favorite video game. My job was to help him improve his score on the writing portion of the SAT and to give him pointers on his college entrance essays. I was very pleased with the topic of his essay - an episode of a popular cartoon - because it showed the range of his aptitude and would definitely make an impression on the college admissions personnel. As we discussed his thoughts, I noticed that CA always covered his smile with his hand. In the 15 1/2 hours that we spent together over a 10 week period, CA was able to complete exceptional SAT practice essays, write an essay worthy of entrance into the best US colleges and universities, and develop the confidence to share his thoughts freely and allow his smile to show through. He is such a joy to talk with and I am glad that the world can experience it as well. CA graduated from Roswell High School and went on to attend Vanderbilt University in Tennessee.

DS - 9th Grade - Algebra - When I met DS, he had a single digit grade in his Algebra class and not much higher in his Algebra Support class. His mother had one goal - to help her child succeed - so she worked overtime so she could pay me to help him. I quickly learned that DS did not have a problem learning. His challenge was having the confidence to ask the right questions to gain understanding. As I started tutoring, I realized that DS had a thirst for knowledge. After I worked through a problem, he was eager to have his turn to get the right answer. After just 8 sessions over a period of 8 weeks, DS was confident enough in his abilities for me to step away and allow him to go it alone. Not only was he able to master the information, he was able to engage with his teacher during instruction. His grade in Algebra increased from a 9 to an 80.

GC - GED - GC, originally from Brazil, needed my help preparing for the GED after he left Alpharetta High School. He came to every session ready to learn and always with a very positive attitude. He picked up most of the material very quickly. In the areas that were more challenging, we spent extra time. GC was always enthusiastic about completing the worksheets that I gave him after each session. With a little over 40 hours together, GC was able to pass all five of the GED tests. I had the pleasure of working with him again as he prepared for the Math Compass Test when he decided to go to college. Once GC began his studies at a local ommunity college, his mother called on me again to help him understand and succeed in his math class. GC is the type of student that every tutor wants to have.

GS - Reading - GS was attending a local public middle school. She had been told that she was reading on a fourth grade level and was enrolled in ESOL classes, but her mother wanted to help her more. I began tutoring GS once a week and gradually reduced to once a month before she was able to succeed on her own. At our first meeting, I quickly realized that GS could read, but did not know the meaning of the words that she read. She enjoyed poetry so I used this as the basis of instruction. During the sessions, I had GS read each poem aloud. I noted any words pronounced incorrectly, gave her the definition of the word, and had her write down the pronunciation from the dictionary. She then read the poem aloud a second and third time. By the third time, GS could read the poem perfectly. GS used poetry books from the library to practice in between sessions. Within three months, I was able to release GS to work independently on her reading. She called me excitedly over the summer to tell me that she had passed the Reading portion of the CRCT. I still monitor GS's progress as she continues her education at North Springs Charter High School.

Read 2 Lead - Prior to my participation in the program, students at Dunwoody Springs Elementary School turned in paper calendars each month and received a ticket to put in drawing. Only one child per grade received a prize each month. I believe in working smarter rather than harder, so I created a website for the students to log their minutes each month. My oldest son even wrote and recorded a theme song for the program. Every child who turned in an electronic or paper calendar each month received a bookmark. Those who reported at least 600 minutes also received a small prize. Students logged over 1.4 million minutes (2010-2011), nearly 1.1 million minutes (2011-2012) and over 1.5 million minutes (2012-2013) with approximately 100-200 participating each month. The students were excited every month for the prizes, but the joy for me came as I saw students reading all the time. As children departed my school bus, I would have to tell them to stop reading as they walked off the bus so they would not hurt themselves. And the toy prizes became insignificant as most of the students opted for books from the prize cart.

High School Business Partnerships - I have been honored to work with ESOL students at Milton High School two days a week to help them achieve understanding in their math and science courses. I have been able to assist many students in math and science at North Springs Charter High School as part of the school's afterschool tutoring program. North Springs Charter High School has allowed me to be a business partner for the last two years giving me the opportunity to work with students who devoted time afterschool to participate in virtual educational courses. In addition to official partnerships with schools, I have been able to tutor students at many local high schools including Lassiter High School, Allatoona High School, Wheeler High School, and others. Read More

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